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Can a House Collapse from Foundation Issues?

Have you noticed a crack on the outside of your house that seems to be slowly growing? Are you worried your home will eventually fall down? Don't worry, it is not that easy to collapse. This exterior crack does pose a problem for a lifetime home. A settled home will have certain areas targeted that will pose a problem. The whole home will not crumble.

Major structural damage will eventually happen if your foundation is cracking. Some warning signs are listed below.

  • More cracks in your drywall will appear.

  • Doors and Windows will not work properly

  • Long cracks in the basement, crawl space, or attic walls will become visible

  • Cracks around your doorway and window frames will get worse

  • Water Leaking in home

In order to understand your foundation issues and the cost to repair, Contact us for a free estimate at (605) 390-0228.



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