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Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation leaks are a common worry if your home has a basement. A flooding basement not only damages your home’s livable space, but can also lead to mold and hazardous conditions. Using BASEco Foundation Systems, our specialists have a tailored foundation waterproofing solutions for every problem.

Why is My Foundation Leaking?

Common causes of foundation leaking include hairline cracking at corners of windows, foundation cracks due to foundation settling, high water table, and porous foundation materials. No matter the cause of your foundation leaking, Extreme Foundation Repair has a permanent foundation waterproofing solution.

There are a variety of causes for a leaking or flooding basement. In this video, you can learn how we can remedy basement flooding due to a high water table.

Waterproofing Solutions



The AquaShield® System by BASEco Foundation Systems provides superior protection against basement water seepage in one easy installation.

This repair can be used as a perimeter drain, with encapsulation membranes, or with a sump pump installation to provide water-tight solutions for any foundation waterproofing need.

No trenching! No crushed rock! No pipes! No wraps needed!


DrySeal® Repair on a Foundation Crack

Although foundation cracks may be common, they are the most easily repaired foundation risk. Foundation leaks due to a crack in the foundation are often the result of foundation movement. Due to this, repairs must be flexible enough to withstand future foundation movement to ensure a permanent repair. DrySeal® crack repairs offer exactly that- permanent foundation waterproofing.



Our expert solutions use foundation membranes in a variety of ways to prevent foundation leaking. Antimicrobial materials offer a clean, water-tight solution for porous foundations and widespread foundation leaks.

Foundation membranes can also be used to encapsulate a crawlspace, making the best use of your crawlspace storage.


Sump Pump installed in a closet

We can’t blame anyone for cringing at the mention of a sump pump. But the truth is that they are the best solution for a high water table situation. Our experts can diagnose if a sump pump may be necessary to prevent your basement leaking. Sump pumps are often used in addition to other foundation waterproofing products to ensure all water is channeled to the pump and safely out of your basement.

Have peace of mind that your sump pump is operating correctly with the use of a back up battery and high water alarm so your basement never floods again.

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