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A locally owned family business. With 30 years of construction knowledge and experience, we aim to correct common mistakes in many building foundations. Founded here in the Black Hills, we offer quick repair and stabilizing options to make your home or business safe and accessible.


Concrete Lifting Before After

Concrete Lifting

Is your concrete sinking?

Don’t replace it, lift it back to level!

For less than half the cost of replacement, Extreme Foundation Repair can lift and level sunken concrete.

Foundation Repair

We offer a permanent and guaranteed solution to lift a sinking foundation.

By installing helical or push piers, we stabilize your foundation and in many cases, lift it back to level.

Aquashield Waterproofing

Basement WaterProofing

Whether a home is built near a high water table or has a flawed or cracked foundation, Extreme Foundation Repair offers several warrantied solutions to fix a wet basement.

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